Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Quest of a Wanna-Be Culinarian

Just what the world needs - another blog about food. I know that there are at least 50 zillion food and cooking blogs already on the Interweb, but I do not care. Now there will be 50 zillion and 1.  Blame it on Julie & Julia; blame it on the existence of the Food Network; blame it on my friend "Tomato's" newly revitalized Princess blog - I must do a blog, and it must be about food! There are endless possibilities for subject matter, but I had to find just the right one for me if I plan to stick to this food bloggery.  A recent conversation about the desire to try the Mediterranean Diet was the answer I was looking for. When it was suggested that the whole family adopt the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle, I hesitated to agree because of the word "Diet".  After doing a little bit of research, I agreed to give it a try.  It's not just about losing weight it's about a healthy eating lifestyle. 

Our quest begins January 1, 2011 - the Table 4 Five blog and the Mediterranean Diet will be my New Year's resolutions.  I'm hoping that each one inspires me to continue the other. 

I have one month to prepare.  I will search for recipes. I will become more familiar with the Mediterranean Diet.  I will treat this as a month long kitchen and mind prep - I will psych myself up for the challenge.

I think it will be a challenge, but one that I am looking forward to. I look forward to finding new recipes. I look forward to introducing the family to new foods.  I even look forward to any drama that may arise when I put some serve some entree that may not be familiar.

It will be an experience that you and I can share.

Until Next Time...Comede Bibe Epulare!

Regina Culina